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Arcade Machines

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Retro Leisure has been supporting the arcade community for three years, providing services that keep the gamers gaming.


We provide a wide range of coin-op and arcade machine services. 

Screen & monitor replacement

Sourcing parts, including boards and monitors

Game board repair – both vintage and modern

Cabient repair and refurbishment


Joystick repair and maintenance

Console Upgrades

 Marquee repair and refurbishment


Jukebox Services

List of services

List of services

List of services

List of services

List of services

List of services


Retro Leisure can also assist with your jukebox needs.

General repair and refurbishment

Laser Replacement

Mainteance of mechanical systems


Upgrades and modernisation

The Latest News From Retro Leisure

How we moved our business

After several years of repairing, restoring, upgrading and reworking, arcade machines, Jukeboxes and Pinball machines we've outgrown our current digs in the Shropshire country side. But not to worry, we're moving to new premises just down the road. We're not we've...

2 Player Sit-in Immersive Multigame Arcade Gaming Machine + Arcade Gun Games

The Ultimate Arcade Experience We are very pleased to present to you our best arcade machine built to date. It's a sit-in House of the Dead arcade cabinet that we picked up as a shell and converted it into the ultimate arcade and gaming experience.We’ve rebuilt this...

Track and Field Inspired Custom Build

This arcade machine was redesigned and built to meet the customers requirements, one of which was to be a unique design. It is a reproduction and is not a copy, so we've been creative with the art package and cab shape choice to evoke the feeling of the original. As...

Galaxian Arcade Rebuild

Check out the gallery below! [envira-gallery id="1764"]  

MP3 Digital Jukebox Custom Finish

Here we have a very tidy MP3 digital jukebox with custom in house printed artwork.Relive that feeling of using a pub jukebox, but in your own home, garage, cave, hovel or mansion.Just copy your existing music library on the box and surf your collection from one place...