This 1978 Midway Space Invaders arcade machine was brought in for repair by it owner. It had spent many years unused and needed some TLC.

After inspection it became apparent the gameboard and the original monitor board where faulty at best or dead at worst. But no fear, we had the boards professionally serviced and repaired by dedicated specialist and they came back working like new.


Before the serviced boards could go back in the cabinet needed some serious cleaning and rejuvenating. This machine was in for repair rather than restoration, so no painting or cabinet repairs. Instead we gently cleaned all the grim off the paint and moisturised the paint to give it its vivid colours back and pleasing shine.

This machines was both original and complete, great to see some original features. 42 year old Sellotape. Noice! 

Now cleaned up and refitted with its serviced boards, I am happy to say this 1978 Space Invaders now looks striking and plays great. It’s a great feeling to bring a classic arcade like this back to life and knowing it will continue to bring enjoyment for another 42 years.