Has your arcade machine stopped working? Is it making strange sounds or are the joysticks and buttons feeling worn and unresponsive? We can help.

Arcade & Coin Op Repairs, Servicing, Renovation and Refurbishment


When your machine or component arrives for repair, our skilled engineers will quickly diagnose your systems issues and problems. We’ll then contact you and give you some options that reflect budget, requirements and feasibility. We’re resourceful people, so we will allows find a solution to the problem and get you and your machine gaming again. 

We are based in the Shropshire in the Midlands. Having a central location gives us a national reach for arcade machine repairs, reconditioning and servicing. We use couriers to ship your machine to us, so regardless of where your based, be it London, South East, Manchester, the North East or anywhere in the UK, please get in touch and we can have a chat.

Monitor Repair

Monitor and screen repair, including the difficult to maintain vector displays.

Cabinet Repair

Artwork and the cabs have a tough life in an arcade – bring them to us for restoration and repair. 

Light Gun Repair

Keep your light gun games going with our servicing and repairs.

Arcade Control Repair

Arcade buttons and joystick repair, plus other control systems.

Game Board Repair

Game board, motherboard maintenance and repair.

CRT and Vector Monitor servicing

Keep old skool gaming

If the monitor in your arcade has failed or is acting strangely, the chances are it can be repaired. Our experienced engineers will inspect and diagnose your monitor in our electronics workshop. Recapping, fly-back replacement service available. Our engineers have been having great success repairing vector monitors, so if you’ve got an Astoroids cab with no picture we can help.

Cabinet Renovation

Let your arcade be all it can

The marquee and cabinet graphics add the finishing touches to your cab, let Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd repair your arcade machine and get it working for you again. The glass marquees from older machines can be very delicate and needs replacing. The graphics can tear, fade and be defaced over time. We have high quality reproduction equipment that can replace these tired graphics and vinyls. If you have ideas for a complete makeover of your arcade machine, check out our customisation page.

Light Gun Games

My Gun, She no work to good!

Have your customers been a little too rough with your delicate light guns? Get your profitable shooting games back fighting fit. We can diagnose and repair all your light gun issue, letting you blast the zombies in House of the Dead, take cover in Time Crisis, or unleash your inner Rambo on Operation Wolf.

Problems with games boards, PSUs and wiring can also be repaired. While you machines in for repair it worth considering renewing you artwork.

Joystick and button servicing

Take control of your gaming

Have you got an arcade machine that’s lost control? Buttons sticking, not lighting up? Is your joystick keeping you up at night? Get in touch to see what Retro Leisure can do to help get that crisp, arcade response back in your life.

Game Board Repair

"Its nothing a hot iron and chip or two can't fix"

Often, old arcade boards need minor fixes to get the game running correctly. Capacitors leak, batteries fade – just like us all, these delicate boards don’t last forever. But often they can be repaired. So, if your prized Donkey Kong has lost a few barrels or your Aliens game has been nuked from orbit get in touch and have a chat.
In the event of the board being beyond hope, we can replace the board of fit a multi game board and get that retro hardware up and running. If you fancy a total overhaul, , we can replace the board of fit a multi game board and get that retro hardware up and running. Alternatively add a MAME system if you so choose. Head over to our customisation page for more info.

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