Has your pinball machine lost its luster? Is it malfunctioning or are the servos going nuts? We can repair, service and upgrade your game.

Pinball Machine Repairs, Servicing, Renovation and Refurbishment


We can repair broken and malfunction pinball machines of all types and ages. Broken buffers, rubber rings, bulbs and flippers can be replaced or rebuilt. DMD Displays, as well as other components can be repaired in our workshop or new parts can be ordered to fix any problem.

We are based in the Shropshire in the Midlands. Having a central location gives us a national reach for arcade machine repairs, reconditioning and servicing. We use couriers to ship your machine to us, so regardless of where your based, be it London, South East, Manchester, the North East or anywhere in the UK, please get in touch and we can have a chat.

Pinball Machine Customisation

Take your pinball machine to the next level by replacing the old dulled incandescent bulbs with new warm white LED bulbs. The warm white LEDs illuminate the play-field with clear light that enhances game play and shows off your games field features.

For machines that have a strobe effect, LED lamps give off a sharper brighter effect that really give that wow factor. The LED lamps fit straight into your existing bulb holders so no modification are needed to your game.

 If your machine needs the paint touching up or new artwork, we’ve got the skills and knowledge to achieve a quality finish that will make your machine pop out and look like new.

Lighting Upgrades

Take your machine to the next level with LED lighting

Cabinet Repair

Artwork and the cabs have a tough life in an arcade – bring them to us for restoration and repair. 

Playfield Repair

Keep your flippers flipping and bumpers bumping with repair and parts from Retro Leisure

Display Repair

Dot Matrix Display (DMD) and screen repair and replacement

What to expect when we Service your pinball machine

Machine Diagnose – We run a set of tests and diagnostics for the game, lights, buttons and mechanism to weed out any faults and problems. We then let you know prognosis, options and repair costs

After your authorisation we repair any problems your pinball machine may have and continue with the service

The play-field is dismantling – Removing all parts and plastics and ramps etc down to play-field. All the parts are inspected for problems, if there are any we let you know

We deep clean and polish the play-field with professional products, this removes dust, dirt and marking from the field. All removed parts are also cleaned and shinned up

Now the bulbs are exposed new bulbs or LED lamps are fitted. We also Replace all the bulbs in the display panel

Next its time to rebuild your machine with new rubber rings and bands, Rebuild flippers with new rubbers. The play-field rebuilt after fixing any issues with components and to finish up a new set of steel balls are installed

The pinball machine is tested over a couple of days to make sure there no remaining issues, then its ready to come back to you

We would would to hear from you! Complete the form below – or give us a ring – and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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01743 290531


Demolition Man Williams Pinball Machine

In 1994 following the success of the film, Williams Electronic Games released its Demolition Man pinball machine. In 2019 this machine came to Retro Leisure for a full refurbishment and service. The customer was very satisfied with the results. Carefully dismantled...

Star Wars Pinball Machine

We are lucky to have a genuine Data East Star Wars Pinball Machine and thought we would share some images  First, the outside.Now lets take a look at the playfield.Now some of the internals.


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