We’ve just finished building a reproduction of one of my favourite arcade machines, Point Blank 2. Now this isn’t a normal repro, this ones had a massive amount of man hours go into making it. Most of this time was spent reconstructing, redrawing, fixing and reworking the sideart. We did this because I got fed up of seeing PB2 machines coming in our workshop with awful artwork, I’m talking badly fitted, ripped and generally destroyed artwork or bad copies of sideart from poor quality photos that don’t have any definition or the correct colour balance. Also we wanted to build something special, the kind of machine that stands out, plays perfectly and has that cool factor that makes you smile every time you see it.
So Heres the build
We started with a very tidied looking Lethal Enforcer cab. I actualy quite like the LE side and screen art but the cabs versatility is more valuable to us then the LE game so I don’t mine covering it all (but its all reversible if in the future someone wants to revert to original).

First thing to do is to strip and clean everything. Then prep and respray any metal work, all the nuts and bolts.

Once scripted and cleaned, Stu set to work building the loom, testing all components, refurbishing the screen boards and testing the blank point PCB ready for installation.
I selected a couple of gun housing from our collection, cleaned them up with some secret sauce and rebuilt them with new cable components and resprayed nuts and bolts.

We removed the existing fluorescent tube, and replaced it with 2.2 meters of bright white LED’s.

LED’s look brighter and give a more even light through the marquee, they also never need changing and say power by being only 12v.  This is the first of our prints, its a cleaned up cut down version of the original marquee

So now for the fun bit, let me compress many hours of screen time into one image. I say fun bit because I used to work with adobe creative workshop on a daily basis before I moved to Retro Leisure and it was good to use some old skills for a new purpose.

After reproducing all 6 pieces of Point Blank 2 art, the printer was loaded with fresh high quality adhesive paper and the inks topped up. Its print time…

sometime later…

And then this…

There’s 6 pieces of art for the Point Blank 2 cab. All where printed and laminated in house but no one wants to see that. Next comes the fitting and cutting.
First the front panel. You might notice the instructions on screen. I printed and applied them but didn’t like how there looked, mainly because there for PB3 no PB2. So it had to go.

I stitched together a few photo’s I’d taken at an earlier date of an original cab. An hour or 3 later I printed and laminated this one. much better.
Cutout the coin door hole and refitted the freshly painted frame and coin door.
The side art is offered up for a final check for position and coverage. Then the top secret application happens. not really top secret but I wasn’t going to risk messing up the application by taking photos at the same time. Once this paper goes on it doesn’t come off, so it has to right the first time.

Trimmed and all edges neatly finished. I’ve placed the console in place for effect.

Sorry but I didn’t take photos of the console, cables and guns going in, I got carried away with building and forgot to document but its all went together sweetly and looked great.
We did add a couple of LED buttons, which fit in perfectly.
And again this is a custom print. This is important as I’m able to move the image assets around so buttons and gun fittings don’t obscure the graphics.

Here’s a couple of close ups of the side art on the cab.

The other side of the cab gets the same treatment and then that the cosmetics taken care of.
All of the internal components are refitted. They’ve been tested and anything that could be a problem is fixed or replaced. We do this to insure the product is as reliable as possible.
Locks installed front and back.
Final checks and finally it time to turn her on for the first time.

Everything worked first time. The guns worked fine but after a quick calibrate they worked great.
Here’s some more picks of the finished cab. We’re very proud of this build, it is truly a premium machine.

This premium machine is for Sale.

Price £2099

 More info can be viewed on eBay



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