Digital Jukebox in Your Own Home

Digital Jukeboxes

Jukeboxes have been with us for over 120 years. From Louis Glass and William Arnold nickel-in-the-slot phonograph with a massive four ‘listening’ tubes to the iPod, jukeboxes have been loved by all generations. Previously, confined to pubs and clubs, you can now have a digital jukebox in your own home – with the benefit of modern technology.

But the march of progress never ceases and we’ve all found that our digital music libraries start to sprawl. Having a central hub for all your music makes increasing sense in the interconnected world.

We can supply wall mounted or floor standing machines. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Digital Jukeboxes from Retro Leisure

Central Storage

A central place to store all your precious music files is a great idea. And if it impresses your friends, all the better!

As our digital libraries expand, we’ve all experienced digital sprawl – files on laptops, desktops, mp3 players, phones and tablets. With the central music repository, a digital jukebox makes life easier for the music guru.

We always try to get the most out of machines we work on. Incorporating user friendly, touchscreen operated, jukebox software which you can customise to your own tastes. Excellent sound quality and volume is very important to us at Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd, so you can be assured any amp included system from us will impress. Check out the speakers from one of our favourite units.

We also supply external speakers, amplifiers, cable and most other paraphernalia needed to maximise your systems performance. We can even add Bluetooth to your digital jukebox and really teach and old dog new tricks!

Digital Jukeboxes from Retro Leisure

We think the concept of a jukebox rocks, all the music you can imagine the tips of your fingers. So easy to use that anyone can use it. Check out our eBay listings for the current stock of Digital Jukeboxes from Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd.