We started a new project today. We’ll be converting this bland, mucky old Bar Top gamer, into an eye catching and desirable bar top digital jukebox!

  • Touchscreen with Intuitive controls
  • Room for 1000’s of tracks
  • Blue led lights to illuminate its base
  • Built in speakers plus aux out
  • Bluetooth for streaming and copying more files

Stage 1

Strip out all the old and broken insides. Remove the screen and clean what’s left..
Bar Top Digital Jukebox
We keep all the wires and components we remove and reuse them we’re possible. The rest is recycled.

Its always good to make a little space to work

I think I’ve found the reusable part.

So let’s see what I have to work with…

Still a little more to come out,  it you get the picture.

Now everything’s out of old case, its time to rebuild.
First in go the speakers.

Prep and paint and paint and prep and then some more paint.

The HP Atom I’m using firmly mounted on the old back plate.

PSU’s fixed in and wiring connected, time to check the amp and speakers.

The amp and wiring all works well, on with the build. The case goes back on and I refit the touch screen. This atom has pleasing blue glowing LEDs.

So I added a few of my own.

This Digital Jukebox sits on a round turn table, making it easy to swivel it around. It  also made it ideal to fitting green LED down lights.

And there we have it one newly created  and one off Bartop Digital Jukebox.
This Item has SOLD on our eBay shop. Please get in touch if interested in a similar custom build.
Till next time