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Has your Jukebox stopped working? Is it making sounds it shouldn't? Or maybe it's lost it's bass or treble. We can help!

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There are many things that can wrong with Jukeboxes, whether its a mechanical or electronic problem, we can fix it! 

Professional, Timely and Cost Effective Jukebox repair from Retro Leisure

Over time Classic Jukeboxes wear out, stop working or can become unreliable. Not to worry, we can fix most jukebox related problems retro or modern. If its not repairable we’ll offer suitable solutions that meet your needs.  We specialise in CD and Digital MP3 jukebox repair, older vintage jukeboxes are best repaired on location, moving them can create problems if not done with the greatest of care.

At Retro Lesire we concentrate on workshop repairs and would advice you using a local repairer for vinyl jukeboxes. Whether your jukebox is floor standing, wall hanging or if it is used in a commercial environment, or at home our engineers are well equipped and skilled in all aspects of mechanical, electrical or digital jukebox repair.

We are based in the Shropshire in the Midlands. Having a central location gives us a national reach for jukebox repairs, reconditioning and servicing. We use couriers to ship your machine to us, so regardless of where your based, be it London, South East, Manchester, the North East or anywhere in the UK, please get in touch and we can have a chat.

A selection of our most popular jukebox repair services are below. Click for more information or scroll down to send us a message.

Laser Repair

CD laser repair and replacement

Servicing & Repair

General servicing and maintenance

Audio Repair

Speaker and amplifier repair

Lighting & Bulb Repair

Repair or replace blown bulbs or damaged light fixtures

Jukebox Cleaning & Cosmetic Repair

General refurbishment & cleaning to restore your jukebox to its former glory

New Laser Rebuild

Help! My jukebox wont play

If your CD’s are skipping or your jukebox is not selecting and playing a CD, you may need a new laser rebuild. This delicate task is carried out in our electronics workshop by our experienced engineers. All the lasers we use are sourced from the UK and are of the best quality, so you can be reassured your jukebox will keep on rocking.

Computer Problems

Jukebox wont start up!

Modern Jukeboxes are computer based systems, so if your box stops working its probably a problem with your computers hardware or software. Something as small as the computers BIOS battery going flat can render your jukebox useless. Once assessed we’ll let you know what’s gone wrong with your jukebox and give you some options.

Servicing and Parts

Jukebox making odd sounds?

A well-loved jukebox is usually a well-used jukebox. Over time the cogs, gears and bands in your machine can become warn if not serviced every now and again. If your jukebox doors sagging we can repair or replace the broken hinge. If your having problems, get in touch for a chat

Amplifier Repair and Speaker Replacement

Something doesn't sound right!

If you’ve noticed poor sound quality or a missing channel, its probably an issue with your jukebox amplifier or speakers. Sound quality is very important to us at Retro, so we’ll make sure your jukebox is not only repaired, but optimally setup to match its speaker configuration to produce the best sound possible.

Lighting and bulb replacement

Retro Jukebox repair

Over time the incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes in your jukebox will fail, leaving your jukebox looking underwhelming. We bring back that warm glow by replacing Nonworking bulbs and tubes with new units and in some cases we can fit energy efficient LED lamps.

Cosmetics and cleaning

Its as good as new

Grim and dust can prevent your jukebox from working probably and it also doesn’t look very nice. Reflective surfaces can become dull and transparents can become not so transparent. If your sending in your jukebox for repair it’s a great opportunity to have your jukebox properly cleaned and refreshed.


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