old-Arcade Machine Customisation

Bringing the past to life – classic arcade looks paired with the capabilities of modern hardware.

The iconic shape of arcade machines is imprinted on the mind. We at Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd specialise in keeping the soul of coin-op gaming alive, keeping the classic silhouettes, alongside using the advantages of modern technology. We can customise your arcade hardware or cabinet to provide your dream arcade machine.
If you’ve got an idea or conversion in mind we’ll work with you to bring your idea to life and aim to surpass your expectations by bringing our own twist to your build.
If you are a Neo-Geo fan, we can make replica arcade machines that evoke the spirit of these high end, highly sought after machines.
Here are some ideas of what can be achieved:

New Game Boards Installed

Give an old cab a new life by replacing the game board. Replace old unprofitable games with the latest and greatest, or, if you are a home owner, you may have tired of the same old game. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Hardware Upgrades

Include USB charging and holders for phones and tablets, upgrade a cabinet with colour changing LED lights, add a drinks holder – anything you can imagine, Retro Leisure Midlands can accommodate.

If the old CRT is looking tired, we can fix or replace with a much brighter and sharper LCD screen. We can also upgrade your sound with better speakers and powerful amplifiers.

Classic cocktail table machines are undergoing a resurgence in popularity; a real must-have for the discerning retro fan. We specialise in bringing these classic pieces back to life with our sympathetic upgrades. We love the classic gold lines of a Zaccaria table, so this customisation project kept the key features of the table but added a modern LCD screen and a multi-game system.

Upgraded Control Systems

Have an arcade cab with just two buttons? Get in touch with us to improve matters. Crazy for Street Fighter, but missing a few inputs? We’ll happily add additional controls.

Custom Arcade Cabinets

Space saving cabinets to fit into the modern home. Without the bulk of a huge CRT, arcade cabinets can be shrunk down to fit better into the home.

Multimedia multi-function cabinets. Watch TV, films or your favourite programs on your arcade’s screen. Jukebox function, Bluetooth connectivity, internet and network enabled options are all available.

If you like the look of older furniture but love your tech, why not let us combine the two and build you a one off creation that blends into your house but is also loaded with modern technology.

Console Conversions

Play all your favourite console games on authentic arcade equipment. Make playing your favourite games a real event and impress your friends. The best of both worlds can be achieved with console conversions, whether its a PS1, Ps2, PS3 or PS4, Xbox or something else, we can integrate real arcade controls with console games.

Multi Game Conversions

If you want to really unleash the potential of your vintage hardware, we can install a multi-game board. We can also upgrade the buttons, joysticks and other input controllers to take full advantage of the increased functionality.

We can bespoke build or customise just about anything arcade related. If you’ve got an idea we can make it a reality. Please get in touch if you have any queries, or please see our Sales pages for machines ready to go.