Bringing the Past to Life

Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd are specialists in digital jukeboxes, video arcade and coin-op machines. We’re here to help if your machines are in need of repair, refurbishment or upgrading. If you’re looking to buy or sell machines, we’d love to hear from you.
Rescuing and customising arcade machines and jukeboxes is central to our work. Bringing them back from the brink, to once again be loved and cherished for years to come is a pleasure.

Taito Cocktail Arcade

We are avid recyclers and upcyclers who would rather repair and reuse than bin and buy new. We waste very little and believe almost everything can be reused or refashioned into something new and cool. By combining the old with new and adding a pinch of creativity we aim to bring you something special.
Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd was established in 2014 by Stuart Rathbone. Stu has recently been joined by his brother Jim Rathbone. Together they provide a comprehensive and friendly service for both owners of arcades machines for home users and operators. Stu and Jim bring together technical and creative skills from a variety of areas that blend together to produce machines that are user friendly, well built and surpass expectations.
Our knowledge is extensive and we are natural problem solvers who relish a challenge and the unusual. We believe in tailoring our service to you, the customer. We will also work with you and take on board your ideas and requirements. Striving to surpass expectations by providing a cost effective, prompt and flexible service.


We provide many services and solutions, these area some of our most popular.


Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose issues and problems with your hardware and software, to restore your machine to full function. When an item arrives for repair we’ll let you know within an hour what the system’s problem is, how it can be fixed and an estimate for the costs.
When possible we will suggest multiple solutions that reflect your budget and requirements. We won’t push you into an expensive option you don’t need, but we will be honest and resourceful with our suggestions.


If your machine has taken a knock and become damaged we’ve got the knowledge and the tools to diagnose and repair it.
Whatever condition or problem your system has, we can provide the necessary TLC needed to give it a new lease of life.


As some machines get older the hardware inside them can become slow and unresponsive, affecting game play and user experience. These issues can be fixed with upgrading RAM, CPUs and hard drives.
You may want a bigger screen, better buttons and joysticks or new games installed. We can also install new LED lights, USB sockets for recharging your phone, tablet, phones and beverage holders. If you’ve got an idea for a mod just ask.

Sales and purchasing

We buy video arcade machines in all conditions; if you’ve got unwanted machines or parts, please get in touch. We also take in machines as part exchange, which is great if you’re looking to replace a system or would like to reduce the cost of one of our sales items.
We sell a rolling range of machines ranging from mint to pre loved. Whether its a fighting, beat ’em up, driving, shooting arcade or a jukebox system we have the machine you’re looking for, both here on the website and eBay.
Please remember,  if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we are able to source or build your dream machine on request.