We create bespoke units based to your requirements and incorporate modern technologies to get the most out of your hardware.

Our Services

  • We can make your jukebox faster with hardware upgrades.
  • Make it louder with better amp and speaker upgrade.
  • Convert your none working CD jukebox into a digital MP3 Jukebox with Touch Screen or button control.
    Light it up with beautiful colour changing RGBs LEDs and lamps. Your lights can bounce and change to the music or follow a present pattern.



Hardware and Software upgrades

Warp Drive...

Most digital MP3 jukeboxes run on a PC based system, so if your having issue with it not booting up or you want to make it work faster, consider a memory (RAM) or SSD (solid State Drive) upgrade or a faster computer. All of our builds are custom to your needs.

Jukebox amplification

Make your jukebox bounce!

To get the most from your jukebox you’ll need speakers and an amplifier that plays your music loudly and clearly. Some Boxes have built in amps and floor standing boxes usually have speakers, these can also be upgraded.


Excellent sound quality and volume is very important to us at Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd, so you can be assured any amp included system from us will impress. Check out the speakers from one of our favourite units.

We also supply external speakers, amplifiers, cable and most other paraphernalia needed to maximise your systems performance. We can even add Bluetooth to your digital jukebox and really teach and old dog new tricks!

Jukebox Lighting

Disco Disco Baby!

Using sound to light RGB colour changing LED’s we can bring your box alive with colour. The lights change and bounce to the music or pre-programmed patterns. Bigger brighter moving external lights turn your jukebox into a party box and will transform any room with coloured light.

Upcycle Reuse Modify

Be kind to the planet and your ears

Why waste good, well made and reliable hardware when you can upgrade it? We specialise in Jukebox conversions – taking old jukeboxes and fitting new internals – We also turn quiz machines and other devices into multi functional and attractive home music systems.

Convert Cd to Digital

Old meets the new!

Part of the charm of the older, vintage jukeboxes is of course the classic looks but sometime a jukebox can’t be repaired. We can give this box life again by installing a new system, amplifier, computer, and incorporate user friendly, touchscreen operated, jukebox software which you can customise to your own tastes. We can incorporate the unique features of your jukebox in your upgrade. Get the retromod vibe with modern electronics with retro styling.

Get in Touch

Bring your Jukebox back to life

We think the concept of a jukebox rocks, all the music you can imagine the tips of your fingers. So easy to use that anyone can use it. Check out our eBay listings for the current stock of Digital Jukeboxes from Retro Leisure Midlands Ltd or contact us to discuss your ideas for a custom jukebox, to upgrade and modernise an existing music centre or to see what we have in stock.

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